Christmas Trees Sold Out!
We will reopen December 1st 2018. Hope to see you then.
Looking for a Christmas tree at a grocery store or a tree lot can be stressful.  The trees are not fresh, you are surrounded by cars, noise and exhaust fumes.  Escape the stress and start a relaxing and fun family tradition of going to a natural tree farm to find a fresh Christmas tree.  This is what our farm offers your family.

About Unicorn Hill Farm

Unicorn Hill Christmas Tree Farm, established in 1982, is the oldest Christmas tree farm operating in the Gainesville area.  The farm has provided wonderful experiences and many happy memories for hundreds of families who have made it a tradition to come to the farm to select their Christmas tree.

A stream flows through the farm and provides a woodland setting for you to enjoy.  The stream and surrounding wooded areas also provide habitats for raccoon, possum, deer, rabbits, other small animals and many birds including wild turkeys and hawks.

The farm has about 14 acres within which there are 6 acres of trees growing in a natural setting.  You are able to select a tree from any one of 5 fields on the farm.  We provide help, saws, a tree shaker, and twine if you need it.

After I Get There, How Does It Work?

When you arrive at our farm, we give you a brief introduction to the various types of trees ready for harvest and a saw for cutting your tree.  All of the trees that are for sale will be clearly tagged with species, height and price.  Prices for trees range between $5 and $7 per foot.  When walking in the field, watch out for the stumps from trees others have just purchased. We strongly recommend that you wear closed toe shoes without heels when you come to the farm.

After finding the perfect tree, you can cut it down, or you can have us cut it down for you by placing the saw on the tree and informing us at the sales area.  If your tree is too large to carry back to your car, we can transport it back to your car for you.  We will shake your tree to remove the old needles and other debris in order to send you home with the cleanest tree possible.  After paying for your tree, use our free twine to tie your tree down and you are done!

If you need more supplies we also sell:

  • Tree Stands
  • Tree Removal Bags
  • Tree Freshner

Sorry, we do not sell potted trees.

Don't forget your camera to capture holiday memories!*

How Do I Care For My Tree?

The three Ws of tree care are:  WATER, WATER, WATER.

A tree will absorb as much as a gallon of water or more in the first 24 hours after it is cut down and one or more quarts everyday after.  Before placing your tree in the stand, cut at least 1/4" off the base to remove sap and allow absorption of water.  For maximum beauty and safety, use a tree stand that holds a gallon of water.  Refill daily.  Maintaining a steady water level will keep the tree fragrant, prevents the boughs from drooping and the needles from drying out and dropping off.

Place your tree away from fireplaces, radiators and other heat sources that could dry your tree out.  A fresh tree containing adequate moisture will NOT support a flame.  Do not allow water level to drop below the trunk bottom or a new sap plug will form.

To learn more about our trees, go to our Tree-wise page.

* If you are a professional photographer, you are welcome to come but not during our regular hours of operation.  Email us to find out further what we would like for you to do.

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